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Classical physics acquisition of electron proton, masses. Planck constant calculation


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You can see full version of this paper in my sites newcanadiansvideo.com and newcanadianvideo.com

We have come from the light, the place where the light came into being of itself.

summary: On the base of classical physics acquisition of electron, neutron, proton, masses has been proved and calculated . Electron structure as charged sphere under rotation has been proposed. Torus consistent structure of Physical vacuum has been proposed. On the base of proposed vacuum structure Planck constant has been calculated in two ways. Proton radius has been calculated. The classical expression for the de Broglie wavelength of an electron has been obtained.

And so, how the Universe was created?

At the beginning there was nothing. Nothing but the physical Vacuum. Physical Vacuum consists of immobile particles adjacent to each other. It's like sand in the desert. Each grain has the form of a torus. I called it heavy photon.

Each torus is electrically neutral, but contains elementary charges of opposite signs. These elementary charges are grouped in pairs. A pair looks like dumbbell with two opposite charges on it's ends. All dumbbells rotate about the center of the dumbbell and they do not interfere with each other during rotation. How to imagine these rotating dumbbells?

If you cut bagel before buttered, and put on it a few round slices of salami, so they do not overlap each other, but no vacant space left, you will understand what I mean. Each dumbbell under rotation sweeps an area equal to the area of salami slice. Although the positive and negative charges in the dumbbell are in rotation the magnetic energy of the dumbbell is zero. (There is no current). Dumbbell exists due to the balance of rotation and electrostatics energy, which are equal if we took elementary charge as electron charge, if we took distance between charges as classical electron radius, r.

Then total dumbbell energy is 1MeV, or 2*m*c*c where m is electron rest mass, c is the speed of light.

Although all the heavy photons are in rest, as all space is filled with them, heavy photons can transfer rotation from one point in space to another. This transfer you can see as light. Why am I so sure?

Imagine that one billiard ball collides centrally on the other, which was in rest before. Incoming ball stops, ball in rest begins to move. Energy is transferred in space.

Let slightly complicate the task. Let the incoming ball moves at speed V+delta, and let the ball, which was at rest to move in the same direction with a less speed V. Collision is still center. Balls exchange their speed. What is the transfer of kinetics energy? It is (mV+delta)(mV+delta)/2-m*V*m*V*/2= m*V*delta = k*delta, where k is constant. If all the balls have the same mass, and the same speed V (except one incident ball) In such an analysis, k is a linear momentum (m*V).

When tori transfer rotation energy in space constant k will be some angular momentum, and delta will be linear frequency. In the proposed geometry (see last full version) k value proved to be Planck constant. This means light is transfer of rotational energy for tori.

Now consider the linear chain of 3 tor. First torus has excess rotational momentum in a clockwise direction, the third torus has opposite rotation momentum. Two oppositely directed torques try to break the second torus. If their total energy is greater than the binding energy of the dumbbell (1MeV) , then one of the dumbbells will be broken.

How big must be energy, to do this? The wavelength which is correspond to the energy must exactly equal the big torus circumference λc. In energy equivalence there are two photons having m*c*c (0.5MeV) energy each.

Well when you screw cap with the bank, you have to grab it with your fingers of one hand along the entire circumference and you have to grab with you fingers of other hand along the bottom bank circumference. Corresponds of photon energy to λc is crucial moment. Imagine you use just two fingers, not five, so wavelength correspond to different from 0.5MeV photon energy. You can't open bank if screw cap is tight.

That is, two energetic photon breaking down one of the dumbbells, carried away two elementary charges, but it is now the electron and positron. Why?

Because they carry away not the only elementary charges, they carry away their "rotation". "rotation" of charge is current. In dumbbell there is no total current because electron compensates positron . So, before energy was in rotation form. Now it is magnetic energy.

So the electron (positron) came to existence as charged rotating sphere. Photon accepted charge and torque in one time. Charge and torque can't exist separate never more. It's mass.

Actually, charged sphere must be broken by the force of repulsion, and the only current due to sphere rotation pulls the sphere to the central point.

So just borne electron (positron) has rest energy m*c*c, (sum of electrostatic energy of charged sphere and current magnetic energy. Last value is double mechanical rotation energy of sphere in the same time. Kinetic energy (took from photon) is m*c*c also. So it's looks like it is hoop. Let’s check it. When hoop is rolling it must be correlation between linear frequency c/λc and double kinetic energy:

m*c*c = k*c/λc

It proved to be k is Planck constant. It is second definition of Planck constant.

But hoop total energy must be mcc in regular case. Why it's double big? Because it's charged hoop. I call it: charged hoop must drug its field. That is why I tell "double kinetic mechanical energy" every time.

Electron can reduce it's speed to from c to v, but electron always moves in a circle of radius λd/2π due conservation of angular momentum, which was m*c*λc/2π. That is why electron wavelength must be λd =c* λc/v. Electron can be anywhere in the space along its wavelength λd, as Prince de Broglie has predicted 100 years ago, but now you know where de Broglie wavelength came from.

What is the mass of heavy photon?

It's depends of how many dumbbells match big torus circumference. There are λc/r, where r is dumbbell length (classical electron radius r). Mass of every dumbbell is 2*m. But inside torus every mass is "heavier" by 13/12 factor due to torus binding energy with neighbours. λc was measured already. It is Compton wave length for electron. Value of r is known. So mass of heavy photon is proved to be 1862*m.

Heavy photon can lose some number of dumbbells, due to above predicted mechanism. Let heavy photon to lose 12 dumbbells. I think it is neutron. The axis of rotation are able to precess under the influence of neighboring dumbbells. It's like a worn engine, with loose gear, sooner or later some of them get broken.

So one of the dumbbells get broken, the electron rolls out to carry energy 2*m*c (kinetic and rest mass) and angular and linear momentums. Acquired linear momentum neutron does not feel because it's very heavy. But the acquisition of angular momentum leads to dramatic consequence. Neutron curls and now it is a proton (1836*m).

That is why the rest mass of the neutron bigger the rest mass of a proton by 2*m*13/12 electron masses. Proton radius rp one can calculate from law conservation of angular momentum just befor neutron decay
Mp*c*rp= (2*m*13/12)*c*λc/2π, where M is proton mass
rp ~ r/6
which is correspond with recent data.

So how the Universe come to existence? God just opened the tap and let light with average energy 0.5MeV to come in. Corresponding thermodynamic temperature is 10 in power 12К. It is Big Bang temperature.

So acquisition of mass by Higgs boson is greatest mystification. Some areas of physics must be cardinally revised. I am ready to perform this necessary job in any country, where will finance.

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