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Bulgarians about Xc. - materials for reconstruction.

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First - forgive me for english.

I've decided to write here, because i'm looking for informations about Bulgars (i'm reenactor, trying to reconstruct one of them). So, i'm looking for any info - iconography which shows Bulgars, their clothing, arms etc. Also photos / drawings of archeological finds referred to Bulgars in Balkan territory). Or any info helping me to make truly good reconstruction smile.gif Prefered dating - from IXc. to XIc.

Please, spare a moment smile.gif It's most important for me, associated to my origins smile.gif Unfortunately - language is barrier, which makes my own search quite difficult.

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Hi, here you can receive complete information from bulgarian reenactors for the period, you're interested:


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You just register to http://www.traditsia.com/forum/index.php to get full access to the topics, including the international section.

Here you can find some pictures of what you call Bulgars /what actually do you mean - old Bulgarians? /:


Here at the first and second pictures you can find Bulgarians in, supposed, traditional clothes and weapons: http://nauka.bg/forum/index.php?showtopic=15297

And some pictures of the medieval chronicles:










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