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Северна Африка 1943

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1- "Bespattered with blood and oil after strafing attack by nine Me-109s [Messerschmitts] on first day of battle, a wounded half-track gunner vainly tries to swallow a sulfa tablet. Attending officer subsequently flushed it down his throat with water. Three other men on the half-track were killed."


2- "Wounded German soldier captured during the Battle of Sened," Tunisia, 1943.


3- American Lt. Gen. (later General) George S. Patton in North Africa during WWII, 1943.


4- "Italian prisoners playing cards," Tunisia, 1943


5- "A group of Axis prisoners are taken during the Allied assault on German positions near Sened," Tunisia, 1943.

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Douglas A-20 intruders in formation, about to bomb enemy position in Tunisia during Allied campaign in North Africa, WWII, 1943.


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