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I'm looking for honest people willing to judge by logic. The cosmology written here uses infinites and I explain it with a perfect Occam's razor. Meaning I make zero assumptions as I begin with nothing and the infinites come from this and from the infinites come the particles and atoms and chemistry and stars and galaxies. Everything is explained in a logical deduction beginning with nothing. And in this cosmology are only three dimensions. This is a low detailed version of the cosmology and the book Nature of the Sun explains all of cosmology like the stars and chemistry.

When you have nothing there are no borders or blockages. This causes that there is infinite size. The infinite small and the infinite large. There is nothing holding anything back in nothing. The infinite small is actually nothing and the infinite large is something that is infinite detailed. It wants to become everything without a limit. The infinite details of an infinite large forms into a perfect sphere with no flatness no matter how small you think of it. It is infinite after all. If you have something that is infinite large with infinite details it will always form a perfect sphere and it cannot shape up into anything else unless you have a better suggestion. It wouldn't be infinite details if there was flatness on the sphere as flatness lacks details. This is what an infinite like the infinite large will do. When you have your perfect sphere you have a particle. The particle wants to expand with infinite strength as it wants to be infinite large.

Right next to an infinite large particle another infinite large particle will be formed as there is no border and this fills heaven with infinite particles as there is no border or blockage. Think of the infinite large particle as a thing and that heaven is filled with infinite of these particles. All particles of heaven formed at once and they remain forever as there is nothing removing them from heaven. Because they exist always no more new particles are formed and there already is an infinite as never ending. And because they all exist already there is room between their surface areas where their spheres do not touch. This is nothing and the infinite small thus the opposite of the infinite large. And when you have the infinite small you have to have its opposite the infinite large otherwise the infinite small would be a finite and the other way around too.

Think of it this way. When one has a combination of the infinite large and infinite small it will make the infinite small that is nothing also infinite large and this is a size-less room of nothing. Thus it stretches out endlessly in all directions. Because the infinite large and infinite small are in the same place they are merged. Every particle is a size-less room of nothing. And because it's also made of the infinite large it will shape up into a perfect sphere as any lack in shape like a flat surface would occupy less space than infinite large. So basically heaven is an infinite nothing shaped into a perfect sphere. And because it's an infinite nothing an infinite particles will form within as next to a particle will always form another as nothing is no border that can hold this back. And particles made of perfect spheres are infinite large yet combined with the infinite small so a particle doesn't have to literally take up infinite room by itself it can share this room with all the infinite other particles. It does still want to occupy all room though as it's also made of the infinite large and this causes infinite expanding strength for any particle. And it's the same with heaven. And because they have perfect sphere shapes they cannot really touch each other and this makes it so they do not merge up with each other. Something that has infinite details cannot be touched properly. And every particle is an infinite nothing shaped into a perfect sphere which also contains an infinite particles within. And you can extrapolate this endlessly because there are no borders in nothing. So basically heaven is a particle too within its own heaven.

Space is filled with these particles that all press upon each other with infinite strength and thus they press with equal strength upon each other which creates a balance. So no particle will expand or shrink it takes something more. Because space is filled with perfect spheres that have no flatness on their surface and they press upon each other with infinite strength they all spin because there is no stable flatness on their surface. And they all spin in the direction of least resistance. And they all have multiple perfect spheres pressing upon them so they spin and this causes them to travel in space. Because they all are roughly equal in size their travel path is chaotic and they also skid across each other their surfaces with the force of least resistance. Space fabric moves chaotic. Because there is friction between skidding particles room opens up in space fabric even though they all try to expand with an infinite strength. It's like rolling two balls into each other this will keep them rolling neatly together but when you roll two balls up against each other they want to cast away from each other. This casting away opens up room. And because they all want to expand the open room allows a particle to expand larger than the average particle. This happens everywhere in space fabric. Some will enlarge while others shrink. Because too much friction will apply pressure and this also allows a particle to shrink. For every particle that enlarges another becomes smaller and now you have a difference in space fabric. Space is intact because particles always press upon each other. It cannot drift apart.

The smallest form of a particle is a gravity particle and when it enlarges a bit it becomes warmth. The larger particles become in succession the different they will behave around an atom. Warmth its smallest form is a radio particle then comes the micro particle then infrared. When warmth becomes larger it is a light particle with its smallest form being red light then come yellow light and its largest is blue light. Even larger is radiation which is made of ultra violet and gamma rays and cosmic rays. Even larger is the electron. And then come the particles that make up atoms I named them man particles because I wanted to give it a human aspect. And larger than man particles are woman particles and they can potentially become very large compared to gravity.

Because space fabric always has openings occurring because the particles travel and skid across each their surfaces there is warmth in heaven so there is always a radio background noise. The warmth particles are larger than gravity and because of this infrared warmth will have a straight travel path in Heaven. Infrared has become so large compared to gravity particles that it has tiny gravity particles spinning back and forth on the surface of each side of the infrared particle. This causes a side with the strongest pull in the direction of least resistance and a side with a weaker pull in the direction of least resistance. This causes infrared to move in a straight travel path. I call it the force and drag sides of a particle. The smaller warmth becomes the more its travel path will begin curbing up instead of going into a straight pathway. Light will travel in a straight pathway too and so do the larger particles. Because space is filled with infrared and their straight travel path as well as gravity and its chaotic curbed travel path space fabric will begin to whirl. Space fabric is maneuvering between the straight travel path of infrared and the curbed chaotic travel path of gravity. This causes a whirl in space fabric across very large places in space. Inside this whirl space fabric curb travels in mass numbers of particles because of this. And when you have curbing room opens up. In this open room particles expand from gravity all the way to man particles.

The man particles because they are so large compared to a gravity particle will have gravity particles travel across its curbed surface always as space never stops maneuvering. This causes small openings to open up between the gravity particles that maneuver across the curbed surface of a large man particle. When these openings occur gravity particles are pushed into these openings because space fabric is always under pressure from all expanding particles. Thus there is a flowing attraction of gravity particles towards the openings on the surface of a man particle. This allows man particles to stick together while they keep spinning. When you have several man particles sticking together by flow attraction of gravity particles you get an atom nucleus. As the space fabric is whirling where there is warmth atoms thus form in the curbed travel of space fabric. In the center of such a space fabric whirl a galaxy forms by the atoms that are created. You can think of the spiral arms of a galaxy as the spirals of a whirl.

Electrons are a bit smaller than man particles and there for do not have enough flow attraction to form into an atom but they can stick closely to an atom without becoming stuck on the surface. So electrons are around an atom nucleus. The electrons will rotate around the atom nucleus its surface. The electrons spin around the atom nucleus and in a curbed pathway in space fabric and this causes for the electrons to create small openings for particles to expand into. This is why atoms radiate a bit as gravity particles turn into warmth particles thus radio particles. When you over charge atoms like in a light bulb its copper wire with electrons much more room opens up and this allows for gravity to enlarge and emit as warmth and light from a light bulb though it's mostly the small gas atoms that become over charged by electrons in a light bulb. The smaller the atom the steeper the curb is the electrons make around it so a small gas atom has more chance at opening up room when over charged by electrons. The same happens when you over charge an antenna emitter with electrons. It will create warmth particles or radio particles. And because the radio particles are near gravity in their size they curb up in their pathway as they travel. This causes that a radio wave emits in radius because millions of radio particles are emitting in all directions at once as they curb up in their travel path. When a radio particle enlarges it becomes infrared and infrared has a force and a drag side to its particle because it's much larger than gravity particles it will have gravity particles spin back and forth on both sides of the infrared particle. This causes that the infrared particle and larger particles do not curb up in their travel path but go in a straight direction. Now electrons have much flow attraction and this allows them to curb each their travel path when in large numbers so that's how an electric magnetic field forms.

Atoms are made of roughly equal sized man particles otherwise they aren't stable. But some atoms are made of large man particles and other atoms are made of small man particles. And this makes it so that atoms have different sizes to them. And there are two stable forms of atoms and any atoms that is unstable turns into an acid as it will spin in space fabric and cause for warmth to be created. I explain how chemistry works in my free book.

Now for example if you see the sun rise or you see it lower in the atmosphere of earth it will look red and emit red light. This is because the warmth particles emitting from the sun are having some friction in earth its atmosphere and this causes them to enlarge a bit to the smallest light form which is red. Now if the sun would be completely above you like at twelve P.M. then there is much lesser atmosphere between your view point and the sun so now you will not see the red glow as the warmth isn't getting enough friction from the thinner atmosphere. But the moon will not glow red when it rises or goes down because it doesn't emit the warmth the sun does. Though the earth its atmosphere is sometimes between the moon and the sun giving the moon a red glow as in blood moon.

Because atoms are made of spinning man particles they can behave liquid. If you would have atoms that do not have spinning particles they would behave as powder and the earth its oceans and atmosphere would be as powder instead of behaving fluidly. When you press your hand on the surface of the water the spinning of the man particles of the water molecules makes them push away so you can stick your hand into the water. However when atoms bond together and form something like a sand crystal it will no longer behave fluidly as now it's a chunk of atoms.

Also when you rub your hands together you create friction between particles. This causes gravity particles to expand towards warmth and that is why you get warmer hands from rubbing them together.

The book also contains an accurate gravity model that also explains why high pressure areas in the northern atmosphere rotate clockwise and low pressure areas in the northern atmosphere rotate counter clockwise and the other way around on the southern half of the atmosphere. It also explains why water will whirl counter clockwise going down a drain on the northern half of the earth and clockwise on the southern half of the earth.

This is the basics of the cosmology using infinites and a perfect Occam's razor. Science has overlooked this possibility but it's all fully possible and logical. I call it Nature of Heaven. This is how cosmology models are first build and a computer model can be made after this cosmology but it will require a strong computer that can handle many particles as well as a scale based system. You cannot calculate particles exactly as they have infinite small increments in their size differences but a scaled down model can be done. It wouldn't even require that many calculations but mostly a three dimensional renderer that can mimic the physics of the cosmology. If a three dimensional renderer can get flow attraction done then atoms can be mimicked.

There actually is a test that can be done through this cosmology that will proof it correct. It's based on influencing the infinites of heaven upon ice crystals. Ice crystals are very flexible in their growth but they all use the infinite small to create their reoccurring shapes. The infinite small is what the infinite large particles want to push into as its nothing and this creates patterns in particles. A particle actually has an infinite particles within it like heaven has an infinite particles within. You can extrapolate this endlessly as there is no border in nothing. And because there are infinite particles inside a particle they leave a pull pattern where heavenly particles want to push into but they cannot of course but their behavior can still be influenced by this. As they want to push into nothing. Now an ice crystal uses its infinite small pull pattern to recreate its own shape as it grows and it's based on the shape of the water molecule. The large six angled ice crystal on the north pole of Saturn did this too though they think it's weather phenomena but clouds won't make solid shapes like this. Ice crystals have six edges always and this is because of the pull pattern coming from the infinite small. But you can influence this pull pattern by spinning crystals real fast near ice formation and this will change the shape the ice crystals grow into thus into the shape of the spinning object or an ice crystal its six spikes will grow larger. And there is no other cosmology that explains this phenomena but I know it's true by logic and it can be tested by scientists. There is a whole scientific field going to open up if people start using my cosmology that allows manipulation of matter by influencing the four infinites of heaven. Even information can be send into the past within a particle because the infinite particles within a particle are not part of heaven its timeline and the pull pattern of the infinite small is timeless so it can create things within a particle beyond the current time of heaven.

If you like to know more all of cosmology is explained in my book and this kind of cosmology doesn't leave any questions unanswered. There are no errors so to say. You can go to http://www.natureofthesun.com and download the book Nature of the Sun. It's completely free to grab and to share with your friends or place anywhere on the internet and it always will be.

Amongst phenomena explained in the cosmology book are:

Atoms and how they travel. Radioactive material. How chemistry works. Chemistry with ice, gas, metals, and fire. How an atomic bomb explodes. Formation of stars, planets and continental drift. Why the earth rotates, orbits and has seasons. Magnetic poles. Gravity particles and how they behave. Black holes. Quasars. Why the speed of light is constant. Pressure. Electricity and how a light bulb emits light. Fluorescence material. The atmosphere and the aurora borealis. Sun spots. How a galaxy forms. Time travel. And much more.


I hope you enjoyed this basic version of my cosmology. I've also added the book to the forum post.






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