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Предлагам тук да се публикуват книги и изследвания, свързани с трите Персийски империи - на Ахеменидите, Аршакидите и на Сасанидите. Като начало:

1. George S. Goodspeed The Persian Empire from Darius to Artaxerxes (October 1, 1899).


2. Avram R. Shannon. The Achaemenid Kings and the Worship of Ahura Mazda; Proto-Zoroastrianism in the Persian Empire (2007).


3. George Rawlinson. The seventh great oriental monarchy; or, The geography, history, and antiquities of the Sassanian or new Persian empire (1882).


4. Hugo Winckler. Zur medischen und altpersischen geschichte (1889).


5. Arthur Christensen. Sassanid Persia [in the period A. D. 193-324].


6. Josef Wiesehöfer. King, court and royal representation in the Sasanian empire (2007).


7. Scott McDonough. A Question of Faith? Persecution and Political Centralization in the Sasanian Empire of Yazdgard II (438-457 CE) (2006).


Бел. мод. Aspandiat. Редактирах заглавието на темата на "Древен Иран и неИран". В сасанидската терминология точно така фигурират земите на Персия и съседните й ирански и неирански земи. По този начин географски и исторически ще бъде обхванат по-голям район - от Кавказ и Месопотамия през Иранското плато чак до Средна Азия и Хорезъм.

Редактирано от Aspandiat
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Farrokh, Kaveh - Shadows in the Desert. Ancient Persia at War (2007).pdf

Dr Kaveh Farrokh has been researching the military history and technology of Persia for two decades. He obtained his PhD in 2001 from the University of British Columbia, where he specialized on the acquisition of Persian languages. He has given lectures and seminars in the University of British Columbia and has written articles for various journals. He is the author of Elite 110: Farrokh, Kaveh - Sassanian Elite Cavalry AD 224-642 (2005).djvu He is currently acting as historical advisor on a film project titled Cyrus the Great, and will be appearing in a History Channel documentary on the Persian Empire in October 2006. The author lives in Vancouver, Canada

"This is an excellent well-illustrated survey of an important period, useful for students and a general readership alike. It deals not only with military matters, but also more broadly with political developments in Persia. My students have consulted it with profit." -Geoffrey Greatrex, University of Ottawa

"This beautifully illustrated book will no doubt serve as a useful companion for all those interested in the military history of the pre-Islamic Middle East... Useful maps, photography and color plates make this a handsome and desirable volume; it will be of interest to students and scholars alike." -Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones, University of Edinburgh (Department of Classics)

"... a book for all who have ever been curious about the 'other' view on Persia, not from the Western standpoint rooted in Greece, but from the traditions of the Persians themselves... Meticulously researched and documented... I have recommended it to many and am also using it here at Stanford not only for research but also in a course ... There is not only no better book on Perisan warfare, it is carefully and sensitively written with great verve and love of history. I much appreciate how the research and analyses of texts showed Achaeminid, Parthian and Sassanid military accomplishments, often to the astonishment of Greeks and Romans and beyond. I notice from excellent reviews that other scholars agree.” -Patrick Hunt, Stanford University (Classics)

"In this beautifully illustrated book, Dr. Kaveh Farrokh narrates the history of Persia from before the first empires, through their wars with East and west to the fall of the Sassanians." -Paul Houston, 300spartanwarriors.com

"Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War is perhaps on of the finest books that has been produced from Western publishing houses, in this case Osprey Publishing... For the first time, we see a clearly written history book that outlines the relationship between these Iranian achievements to the wars that took place between the Greco-Roman world and ancient Persia...this book draws on excellent research that has received little mention; not to mention previously un-translated Greco-Roman historical sources." -Professor Nikoloz Kacharava, MD, PhD, The University of Georgia in Tbilisi, Member of Academy of Sciences in Georgia, Active Member of New York Academy of Sciences

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh's "Shadows in the Desert: Ancient Persia at War," is the definitive work in the field. This Osprey Publishing effort combines the scholarship of Dr. Edwin Yamauchi's "Persia and the Bible" and Dr. Lindsay Allen's "The Persian Empire" with a readability accentuated by beautiful maps and photography which bring academic data and precise historical analysis into play with the majestically artistic. Put simply, it is a masterpiece and reference work which will stay on the shelf of the interested generalist and specialized scholar for decades to come. -Mark Dankof, Republic Broadcasting Network

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Хайде и от моите архиви нещичко за обогатяване на темата.



2. Touraj Daryaee. The Fall of the Sasanian Empire to the Arab Muslims.

Daryaee-he Fall of the Sasanian Empire to the Arab Muslims.pdf

3. Touraj Daryaee. Sasanian Persia. The Rise and Fall of an Empire. 2009


4. М. Дандамаев; В.Луконин. Культура и экономика древнего Ирана. М., 1980.


5. Ferdinand Justi. Iranisches Namenbuch: Gedruckt mit Unterstutzung der Koniglichen akademie der Wissenschaften. Marburg, 1895.


6. MacKenzie, D.N. A Concise Pahlavi Dictionary. London–New York–Toronto, 1971

Pahlavi Dictionary-NEW.pdf

7. Marie-Louise, Chaumont. Le culte d'Anāhitā à Staxr et les premiers Sassanides. In: Revue de l'histoire des religions, tome 153 n°2, 1958. pp. 154-175

Le culte d'AnДЃhitДЃ Г  Staxr et les premiers Sassanides.pdf

8. И.В. Рак. Мифы древнего и раннесредневекового Ирана. Санкт Петербург, 1998.


9. Dignas, Beate; Winter,Engelbert. Rome and Persia in Late Antiquity. Neighbours and Rivals. Cambridge University Press, 2007.


10. Soudavar, Abolala. TheAura of the Kings. Legitimacy and Divine Sanction in Iranian Kingship. Mazda Publishers, Inc. Costa Mesa, California, 2003.

The Aura of Kings - Iranian Kinship.pdf

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  • Глобален Модератор

1. The Age of the Parthians. Edited By Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis and Sarah Stewart. London 2007.

The Age of the Parthians.pdf

2. The Roman Eastern frontier and the Persian wars. Edited and compiled by Geoffrey Greatrex and
Samuel N.C. Lieux. Part I-II (363–630). London and New York, 2002.

Roman Eastern Frontier 1.pdf

Roman Eastern Frontier 2.pdf

3. Elena E. Kuz’mina. The Origin of the Indo-Iranians. Brill, 2007.


4. Arsacid Dynasty.

Arsacid Dynasty.pdf

5. Z. Ragozin. Story_of_Media__Babylon_Persia. 1888.


6. Scythian Elements in Old Iranian.

Scythian Elements in Old Iranian.pdf

7. W.B. Henning. Soghdian Tales.

Soghdian Tales.pdf

8. K. Patkanean-Essai d'une histoire de la dynastie des Sassanides. - Journal Asiatique, 1866

JA_1866_Patkanean-Essai d'une histoire de la dynastie des Sassanides.pdf

9. An Introduction to Old Avestan by Prods Oktor Skjærvø. 2006 (For students’ use only.)

An Introduction to Old Avestan.pdf

10. Алиев, Играр. Очерк истории Атропатены. Баку, 1989


А за това вече трябва да ме черпите:

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol II.

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol II.pdf

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol III.

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol III.pdf

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol IV.

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol IV.pdf

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol V.

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol V.pdf

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol VI.

History of Civilizations of Central Asia Vol VI.pdf

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  • Глобален Модератор

1. Khodādād Rezākhāni. The Bactrian Collection: an Important Source for Sasanian Economic History.


2. Persian Martyrs. – In: Holy Women of the Syrian Orient, Translated, with an introduction, by Sebastian P. Brock and Susan Ashbrook Harvey Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1998.


3. JANY Janos. Sasanian Law. 2011.

Sassanian low-e-sasanika14.pdf

4. James. R. Russell. Zoroastrianism in Armenia. Harvard University, 1987 (може да се открие онлайн само тук и в още един портал)

Russel-Zoroastiranism in Armenia.pdf

5. W.B. Henning. Zoroaster – Politician or Witch Doctor? Oxford, 1951.




7. Manfred Mayrhofer. Iranisches Personennamenbuch. Wien, 1979.


8. Negin Miri. Historical Geography of Fars during the Sasanian Period. 2009.

Historic Geography of Fars.pdf

9. Tim Greenwood. Sasanian Reflections in Armenian Sources. 2008.

Sasanian Reflections in Armenian Sources.pdf

10. Warren Soward. Theophylact Simocatta and the Persians.


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Персидский экскурс Аммиана Марцеллина. Опыт источниковедческого анализа


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  • Глобален Модератор

Roger Beck. The Religion of the Mithras Cult in the Roman Empire. Oxford University Press, 2006.

The Religion of the Mithras Cult in the Roman Empire.pdf

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Abbot, Jacob, ,,Cyrus the Great", (1902)



One special object which the author of this series has had in view, in the plan and method which he has followed in the preparation of the successive volumes, has been to adapt them to the purposes of text-books in schools. The study of a general compend of history, such as is frequently used as a text-book, is highly useful, if it comes in at the right stage of education, when the mind is sufficiently matured, and has acquired sufficient preliminary knowledge to understand and appreciate so condensed a generalization as a summary of the whole history of a nation contained in an ordinary volume must necessarily be. Without this degree of maturity of mind, and this preparation, the study of such a work will be, as it too frequently is, a mere mechanical committing to memory of names, and dates, and phrases, which awaken no interest, communicate no ideas, and impart no useful knowledge to the mind.

A class of ordinary pupils, who have not yet become much acquainted with history, would, accordingly, be more benefited by having their attention concentrated, at first, on detached and separate topics, such as those which form the subjects, respectively, of these volumes. By studying thus fully the history of individual monarchs, or the narratives of single events, they can go more fully into detail; they conceive of the transactions described as realities; their reflecting and reasoning powers are occupied on what they read; they take notice of the motives of conduct, of the gradual development of character, the good or ill desert of actions, and of the connection of causes and consequences, both in respect to the influence of wisdom and virtue on the one hand, and, on the other, of folly and crime. In a word, their minds and hearts are occupied instead of merely their memories. They reason, they sympathize, they pity, they approve, and they condemn. They enjoy the real and true pleasure which constitutes the charm of historical study for minds that are mature; and they acquire a taste for truth instead of fiction, which will tend to direct their reading into proper channels in all future years.

The use of these works, therefore, as text-books in classes, has been kept continually in mind in the preparation of them. The running index on the tops of the pages is intended to serve instead of questions. These captions can be used in their present form astopics, in respect to which, when announced in the class, the pupils are to repeat substantially what is said on the page; or, on the other hand, questions in form, if that mode is preferred, can be readily framed from them by the teacher. In all the volumes, a very regular system of division is observed, which will greatly facilitate the assignment of lessons ...

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  • Глобален Модератор

1. Alfaric, Prosper. Les écritures manichéennes. Vol. 1. Paris. 1918.

Alfaric-manich 1.pdf

Alfaric-manich 1.epub

2. Alfaric, Prosper. Les écritures manichéennes. Vol. 2. Paris. 1919.

Alfaric-manich 2.pdf

Alfaric-manich 2.epub

3. Bailey, H. W. Zoroastrian Problems in the Ninth-Century Books. Oxford, 1943.

Bailey, H. W.Zoroastrian Problems in the Ninth-Century Books.pdf

4. Dhalla, M. Zoroastrian Theology. New York, 1914.

Dhalla.Zoroastrian theology.pdf

Dhalla.Zoroastrian theology.epub

5. Dhalla, M. History of Zoroastrianism. New York-London-Toronto, 1938.


6. 1. Boyce. M. History of Zoroastrianism. Vol. 1. Brill,. 1975.

Boyce.A History of Zoroastrianism Vol I.pdf

Boyce.A History of Zoroastrianism Vol I.epub

6. 2. Boyce. M. History of Zoroastrianism. Vol. 2. Brill,. 1982.

Boyce.A History of Zoroastrianism Vol II.pdf

Boyce.A History of Zoroastrianism Vol II.epub

6. 3. Boyce. M. History of Zoroastrianism. Vol. 1. Brill,. 1991.

Boyce.A History of Zoroastrianism Vol III.pdf

Boyce.A History of Zoroastrianism Vol III.epub

7. Boyce, M. Textual Sources for the Study of Zoroastrianism. University of Chicago Press, 1990.


8. Луконин, В.Г. Древний и средневековый Иран. М., 1987.


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  • Глобален Модератор

.1. Jackson. A.V.W. Zoroaster the Prophet of Ancient Iran. London, 1899.

A.V.W. Jackson. Zoroaster the Prophet.pdf

A.V.W. Jackson. Zoroaster the Prophet.epub

2. Henning. W. Zoroaster. Politician or Witch-doctor? Londin, 1951.

Henning. Zoroaster politician or witch-doctor.pdf

3. Boyce. M. Some Reflection on Zurvanism. Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, Vol. 19,No. 2 (1957), pp. 304-316.


4. The Sacred Books and Early Literture of the East. Vol VII. Ancient Persia. New York–London, 1917.


5. Zand-Akasih. Iranian or Greater Bundahishn. Translation into English. Bombay, 1965.

Great Bundahishn.pdf

6. Погребальный обряд ранних кочевников Евразии. Материалы и исследования по археологии Юга России. Сборник статей. Выпуск III. Ростов-на-Дону 2011.


7. Мейтарчиян, М. Погребальные обряды зороастрийцев. М.–Сп.Б., 2001.



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  • Потребител

1. The Impact of Achaemenids on Thrace: A Historical Review, Ellen Rehn


2. Four Old Iranian Ethnic Names: Scythian, Skudra, Sogdian, Saka (Sitzungsberichte Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften), Oswald Szemerényi


3. The Ethnic of Sakas (Scythians), I. P’iankov, Iran Chamber Society


4. Уроки скифского, С. В. Кулланда, Институт востоковедения РАН (Москва)


5. Сарматы. Древний народ юга России, Тадеуш Сулимирский (Tadeusz Sulimirski )


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  • Глобален Модератор

В.И. Абаев. Историко-этимологический словарь осетинского языка. Том 1-4 и показалец в отделен том.

1. А-К


2. L-R


3. S-T


4. U-Z


5. Указатель


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  • 2 седмици по-късно...
  • Глобален Модератор

Геннадий Кошеленко. Родина парфян. Изд. “Советский художник”, 1977


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  • Глобален Модератор

Parvaneh Pourshariati. Decline and Fall of the Sassamian Empire. The Sasanian–Parthian Confederacy and the Arab Conquest of Iran. London, 2008


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